Like so many products of the earth, manna is a true Sicilian privilege. Sicily, in fact, can be considered the homeland of Italian manna as it is produced only in Castelbuono and Pollina, two municipalities of the Madonie Park.

Manna is the sugary sap extracted from the bark of ash, of some species in particular. Through the incision in the ash tree, the sap comes out which, settling on the trunk, solidifies in contact with the air. Hence the manna, a magic of nature with numerous benefits.
Composed mainly of mannite, organic acids, glucose, trace elements, water, mucilage, fructose, resins and nitrogen compounds, manna can be used in nutrition and for the care of one’s body.

Thanks to the trace elements, manna regulates the intestine and is an excellent detoxifying substance for the purification of the liver, therefore also of the epidermis. The mucilages instead give a laxative function, which is why it is particularly suitable for children or people suffering from constipation.

As an absolutely natural product, manna is a panacea for the immune system, therefore ideal for preventing flu and avoiding drug abuse during the winter season.
It is also ideal for those who care about their line: mucilage, mannite and organic acids, in fact, contained in the manna, favor the elimination of waste and fat. An indirect effect that depends on its rebalancing function of the intestine.

As a natural sweetener, manna can also be taken by diabetics, also because the taste is excellent. As is usually done with honey, it can be consumed dissolved in an herbal tea or tea, or in a very simple glass of natural water at room temperature. Why not use it in desserts then? Manna, in fact, is also excellent for preparing biscuits and cakes, a way to replace sugar by choosing an unrefined and typically Sicilian product, from the earth directly to the consumer.

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