“Most beautiful shop windows” CONTEST RULES

Tumminello Srl, via Cefalù, 90013 Castelbuono (PA) launches a contest addressed to its distribution network and specifically intended for all the shops in Italy.


During the period indicated below, all customers who set up a showcase dedicated to the Tumminello brand and therefore with Tumminello products as protagonists, will be able to send up to 3 photos of the showcase to the email address Comunicazione.tumminello@gmail.com and thus participate automatically in the competition for the best showcase.

Together with the photograph it will be necessary to indicate:

  • business name of the business
  • business name
  • Street
  • city
  • phone contacts
  • links to social networks
  • possible reference to your “Ambassador of Tumminello taste”

Each retailer can send 3 photos of their showcase. Only one will be selected for publication
The photos must not bear signatures, logos, copyrights or other added elements.

All the photos will be published immediately after their arrival on the company Facebook group (Tumminello’s Lovers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tumminellolovers ) , in a special album dedicated to the competition.

The photo that gets the most likes will win (the valid likes are only those on the photo).

In the event of a tie between participants, shares will also be counted.

The use of any illegal operation to increase the likes of the photo is prohibited, under penalty of exclusion. Some photos participating in the competition may be reproduced and used to create promotional communication materials.

The podium (first, second and third place) will be defined and judged by a panel within the company, which will evaluate on the basis of creativity, the space dedicated to the product, and the aesthetic harmony of the exhibition.

The technical jury will be composed of

Melania Fiasconaro: graphic designer and Tumminello communication manager

Valentina Minutella: Tumminello official photographer

Angela Sottile: artist, restorer and author of the graphics of the Arcà signature milk line

The showcase must remain under construction for a minimum of 2 weeks.


The photos can be sent starting from November 1, 2021

The photos will be uploaded to the dedicated album starting November 15, 2021

The photos can be voted from November 15, 2021 to December 15, 2021

Winners announcement: by December 20, 2021

AMBASSADOR OF TASTE: the “Tumminello Taste Ambassadors” will also be awarded, who will be able to involve a minimum of 7 customers in the contest for the most beautiful showcase and will receive a ceramic prize made and hand painted.


The three best showcases will be nominated as winners and the winning points of sale will receive a ceramic award made and hand painted by Angela Sottile, artist, ceramist, restorer and author of the graphics for the Arcà 2021 series of signature milk.


By sending the photo by email, each participant unconditionally accepts all the rules of this regulation.


The regulation will be sent to all interested points of sale, in digital format, and will be available at any time on the website www.biscottitumminello.it or with a request via email to the address

Communication.tumminello@gmail.com .

For further information and clarifications, write to the e-mail address: commerciale@biscottitumminello.it


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