In 2021, the Arcà – By Tumminello line was born : collectible Author’s Milk in limited series .

Each year we select a different artist to carry out the customization of our tins, searching for that authentic Sicilianity that knows how to innovate with originality but without losing the link with the past.

Arcà author’s tins contain the assortment of our finest treats, individually wrapped:
the Almond and Pistachio Curls, Cosi chini, Zuccotti, Coconut Praline and the latest additions to our production range,
Cantucci with toasted almonds and those with Modica IGP chocolate.



reproduction of a classic Sicilian repertoire


reenactment of a scene from a Sicilian folklore dance, with costumes from the Agrigento tradition


made by creating a patchwork from the contents of the tin

Pop art for the Arcà line’s love messages
Michelangelo Lacagnina signs the 2023 edition ofelle latte d’autore

A Sicily that has the will to do and lightly express all the richness of its productive heritage, the legacy of a history that has its strength in the contaminations that have come to life with the various dominations. It is this evocative representation that you can catch with I Pupi, ISuonatori and Dolce Sicilia, the new signature cans of the Arcà line created by Michelangelo Lacagnina, who was called to give continuity to the declination in images of the values and philosophy of the Tumminello family.

Michelangelo Lacagnina’s art is not just a way of painting, but the expression of a world, clear, crystalline, made of positivity andoptimism that the Sicilians have often lost but that is still in the DNA of those born in the Island of the Sun. His stroke does not stop only at the depiction of a subject but has the strength to evoke a tradition, a cultural and productive heritage that from the past is projected into reality with strong, passionate and energetic colors. In a way,its style is a reminder of the production history of the Tumminello family where the link with the past is represented by the old family recipes, which through research and innovation maintains the tradition andSicilianityas reference values.

The source of inspiration for Michelangelo Lacagnina are Sicilian carts, of which he has been intrigued since the beginning of his career as an artist but from them in his works he takes up only the arrangement of the elements in space. The object goes further: no storyteller scenes to expand on what is the tradition of the Island from the point of view of customs, gastronomy, and art with a depiction that takes into account the influences stemming from the various dominations. The goal is to project fruition beyond and let the world know about this great legacy.

For so many years we felt small, compared to the world, but we have a heritage of art, raw materials, colors-we are fortunate to export wonderful things. My art – explains Michelangelo Lacagnina

Is a reminder of this wonderful Sicilian world. For the occasion, I made three unique works on canvas, also reproducing the details of their three-dimensional reproduction. Specifically, Suonatori is a re-enactment of a Sicilian folklore dance scene, with costumes from the Agrigento tradition, while Pupi is a reproduction of a classic Sicilian repertoire. Dolce Sicilia, finally, is the one most relevant to the company that I made by creating a patchwork just from the contents of the tin.”.

So the discovery of the most authentic Sicily continues through the cans of the Arcà line, collectible caskets,
to put on display for their uniqueness that thanks to art become unique pieces

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