Seriousness, commitment, passion and meticulous attention to the customer’s wishes have always animated our team work . They are the guarantee that every day we offer to those who choose a healthy diet for their well-being, without neglecting good taste and satisfaction of the palate.

For more than 40 years the activity has been carried out in a production laboratory of about 150 square meters with an adjoining sales room owned by the company. Three production lines operate within it.

To offer products that respect the authentic flavor of the tradition of the past, still today, as 40 years ago, we process products with careful and accurate manual skills in an aseptic environment.

For a successful product, you need first of all love and passion. These are the main ingredients .

Our company is constantly engaged in the research and development of new products, in continuously improving and implementing production processes , so that quantity and quality never conflict.

For some years we have installed new production and packaging systems. This demonstrates the continuous investment of the company to always offer our customers novelties and delicacies to savor.

Biscotti Tumminello is a company in continuous expansion, which uses the most modern technologies in compliance with production techniques inherited from the ancient artisan tradition .

In this way, the combination of tradition and modernity is happily implemented, which gives our biscuits a unique value.