Each tradition has its beginning and the history of Tumminello biscuits began in the distant past 1977 a Castelbuono , a Sicilian town of medieval origin in the Madonie, where the first workshop for the production of biscuits and bread was opened by the will of the sisters Arcangela and Rosa together with their husbands Lucio and Vincenzo , and comes to our days with a lot simplicity and attention to detail .

Over the years, our family-run artisan shop has become a small company in the Madonie area, where each product is born in a unique way , respecting traditions and with the choice of the best ingredients of our land.

The passion for baked goods , a passion passed down from generation to generation, allows us today to work to make “the best biscuits in the world” and to guarantee the authentic taste of the biscuits of yesteryear .

Timeless quality that testifies the passion for baked goods , a passion passed down from generation to generation. From the combination of past and present a wide range of production of biscuits , to meet a demanding public attentive to the quality and genuineness of the products.

The seriousness, the commitment, the passion and the meticulous attention to
the wishes of the customer that animate our team work , are the guarantee that every day, for more than thirty years, we have been offering to those who choose a healthy diet for their own well -being, without neglecting good taste and the satisfaction of palate.

Thanks to the authentic passion , seriousness , precision of work and the continuous search for new productions , ours is an expanding company, which uses the most modern technologies in compliance with production techniques inherited from the ancient artisan tradition .