The goodness and genuineness of Sicilian lemons and extra virgin olive oil come together to give life to biscuits: the Zigarì . This is how these biscuits bring Sicilian flavors and aromas to the table.

Lemons and extra virgin olive oil are just two of the products that this land gives us. Products that contain not only the unmistakable taste, but also many beneficial properties.

The lemon is a real gift of nature, since ancient times it was considered a sort of “panacea for all ills”. It is an indispensable and irreplaceable fruit for its countless beneficial and healing effects: it protects the immune system, aids digestion, reduces cholesterol levels, counteracts arteriosclerosis are just some of the benefits of this fruit.

Furthermore, the caloric content of lemons is very low, while it is very rich in citric acid, malic acid, essential oils, oligominarali with an abundance of potassium, vitamins A, B and C. The lemon in the kitchen is widely used, both in the form of juice, both as a condiment and enriches many dishes. Its very aromatic peel is often included in the ingredients to prepare and flavor desserts.

Not least is the extra virgin olive oil. Food known and esteemed in every part of the world, extra virgin olive oil fully expresses the essence of the Mediterranean diet.

The oil, which derives from the cold pressing of the olives, a factor that guarantees that all its nutritional components are preserved for a long time, is recognized for its innumerable virtues. Thanks to its properties, extra virgin olive oil is an excellent ally against numerous attacks on our body, it increases, for example, good cholesterol and lowers the harmful one. It is rich in antioxidants and substances with anti-inflammatory properties and promotes digestion.

Properties that the Biscottificio Tumminello has decided to incorporate in a biscuit, the Zigarì , to make them suitable at any time of the day. Perfectly adaptable to ice cream, granita for a snack or as an alternative way to have breakfast on hot summer days.

With a delicate taste, Zigarì are not simple lemon biscuits, but they will delight your palate in a unique way.