Tumminello biscuits are born from the love for a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. Ancient recipes and simple ingredients that restore genuine flavors.

Even the period of the Easter holidays is for us at Biscottificio Tumminello a very important moment to recover some peculiar traditions of our territory.

In Castelbuono , a town nestled on the Madonie where our company is located, it is customary to prepare very special sweets for Easter: C osi i Pasqua .
Also this year, as per tradition, we wanted to prepare these delicious specialties. It is a long and laborious preparation, recreated on the basis of ancient recipes that are kept in every family and handed down.
These ancient biscuits come in various forms that recall the Easter theme. You can find cookies in the shape of little lambs, bells, hearts, pupae and much more. The various shapes are not recreated by molds or molds, but are made entirely by hand. Even their shape, therefore, is the result of the skill and mastery of those who prepare them.

Finally, the Cosi i Pasqua are decorated with sugar icing, the diavulicchi , or colored sugars, and the cannittigli , sugars with pieces of cinnamon inside.
Tradition has it that they are eaten already during breakfast on Easter Sunday, after fasting on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Given their particular shape and their beauty, they are often an original gift to give to friends and relatives: a gift that tells of Sicily and its millenary traditions and that we, year after year, continue to propose to keep alive a bond with the history of our territory that allows us to offer simply genuine flavors.

Here is a photo gallery of the preparation of these delicious biscuits in our laboratory.